Take Control Of Your Career Growth

Know the Experts Secrets to Growing Your Career as an Independent Professional

What you'll learn:

Richard Ryan

Business Consultant, Samex LLC

The constant struggle between trying to find balance under the pressure to be always engaged at work can really wreak havoc on your quality of life. Leaving many professionals feeling trapped and overwhelmed. 

In this workshop, we’ll give you growth strategies and tactics that you can use in your current role. So you can have more control, balance and freedom over how you work, and how your career grows.

Supporting Speakers:

Laura Beth

Marketing Associate, Samex LLC

Edwin Murphy

Sr. Business Consultant, Samex LLC

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Thought Provoking Presentation!!!

The presentation was thought provoking. It made me do some introspection as to what I believe in myself and what motivates me. The presenter's energy complemented this thought provoking process. All round it was an excellent presentation that had me captivated from start to end.

Gary Sayster, MBA Candidate

Motivational and Persuasive.

The speaker followed a structured approach to enlighten us. It included a step-by-step process that one can follow to be successful. It gave me a direction to move forward. I have defined my purpose of success, identified my goal, and the right person to approach.

Komal Sarna, Founder
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